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How To Improve The Reliability Of School Bus Transportation System?

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Modern transportation software is a powerful tool that vastly improves the reliability and safety of school bus transportation systems. A modern school bus tracking app is especially necessary to ensure kids safety.

With people getting back to routine post covid, the rush in public transport like bus has increased. When it comes to school bus, we have to be even more careful about the bus system as kids are involved.

The rapid advancement of technology usage in the school bus transportation industry has seen buses fitted with GPS, Wi-Fi, radios, and numerous other tech integrations, both software and hardware.

With the GPS and RFID technology present in school bus tracking software, kids’ whereabouts can be known. With school bus tracking software, parents can also monitor the movement of their children as they board or alight the bus.

Real time bus tracking is possible with modern school bus tracking software. With the smart technology of school bus tracking software, transport logistics teams now use advanced software like route-optimizing software to automatically plan the most feasible route(s).

Drivers and bus teams are connected with the central control teams in real time and real time notifications are sent via school bus tracking software.

Billing and invoices are also digitally generated and easily stored in school bus tracking system, further simplifying the process.

School bus system gives live online support by the help desk by way of chat windows, phone lines.

As is evident, using modern, automated school bus tracking software offers numerous benefits that improve the overall reliability and safety of a school bus tracking system.

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School Bus SafetyWeek. A video that explains why school busing is so safe.

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This is one of the 4 stories about transportation in Unit 22 of TigerCub English. This story is called "Tommy The School Bus," written by Alyssa Liang. It's about how a school bus taking children to school. It includes 5 activities at the end of the story.
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The new features include Safe Stop, an app that allows allows parents or guardians to track their students' buses in real time using GPS data.

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ABC News’ Karen Travers reports on how more school systems are moving to electric buses, and the environmental and health benefits driving the change.

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The safest and most efficient way to securely transport students is to have a complete overview of your school transportation operation. With over 30 years experience, TripSpark’s VEO Transportation software has been specifically designed for the complex school transportation environment and features a unique multi-calendar interface. We are proud to have been selected by more than 50% of the largest school districts in North America and currently transport 1.8 million students with 50,000 buses.

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Video Transcript:
TripSpark’s VEO Transportation software allows school districts and transportation providers to effectively route regular education and special needs students safely and efficiently. The user-friendly, calendar-based interface includes in-demand features and functionality essential in today’s school operations. And, as a true single-source provider, TripSpark’s routing software seamlessly integrates with our GPS products, including our parent app., student tracking, on-board intelligence, and more.

Let’s look at VEO Transportation’s core features, one at a time:

1. Calendar-based software –Allows users to manage multiple school years efficiently, in one database. District calendar including holidays and early release days are accurately reflected in bus and student schedules. This simplifies routing students with non-traditional schedules, including complicated custody arrangements and program variations by day of the week. One-time changes can be easily made without disrupting the student’s normal schedule.

2. Extensive special needs routing functionality – Our scheduling algorithm is designed with special needs students in mind to ensure their individual requirements are met. This includes validating that vehicle equipment complies with each student’s requirements and travel restrictions with other students are followed. Individual address and program variations are easily accommodated, and curbside pickup and drop-off ensure student safety.

3. VEO Transportation InfoShare – Enables district personnel and parents to verify eligibility and securely access transportation information. Contractors and schools can access route data for their students and generate corresponding route sheets, improving efficiency and minimizing phone calls.

4. Browser-based solution – Allows for rapid deployment and low-cost maintenance. VEO Transportation can quickly and securely be accessed through any Internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. User-assigned privileges can be assigned at various levels to ensure each stakeholder has the appropriate visibility and editing functions.

Additional value can be realized by adding any of the following features to VEO Transportation:

1. VEO Now GPS – From student tracking and our industry-leading parent app. to onboard tablets and automated Medicaid reporting, TripSpark offers everything you need under one umbrella. As your single-source supplier for all your school transportation needs, TripSpark ensures seamless integration, backed up by industry-leading customer support.

2. FleetRunner –TripSpark’s suite of Field Trip Management, Fleet Maintenance, and Employee Management software streamlines and simplifies all aspects of these critical functions, all in one package.

TripSpark is your strategic partner, providing you with technology that supports your district’s needs today and for many years to come. As a single-vendor solutions provider with decades of experience in K-12 routing software, we back our clients with expert customer care, comprehensive operational resources, and ongoing support. Reach out to us today and discover The TripSpark Difference!

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The fate of transportation for Washington's largest school district is once again up in the air.

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On the outside, school buses haven't changed much in almost 100 years, and there's a reason for that. A 1939 conference determined the yellow color, black text, and boxy shape that have come to symbolize the iconic childhood transport. Buses have changed a lot on the inside since the conference and they continue to be the safest way to get to school — about 70 times safer than a car, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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What It's Like To Test The World's Longest Flight
How The Man Who Challenged Tesla Went Bankrupt


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Why Do School Buses Still Look The Same?

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A look at the latest on transportation due to bus driver shortage.

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Watch this video about how a special needs school bus is evacuated in an emergency.

Do you know how you would react if faced with an emergency evacuation of the special needs bus? This new video gives you an idea of the challenges you would come against if that scenario does take place. We go over procedures for emergency AND non emergency evacuations. We also cover mental preparedness, protecting yourself from injury and much more.

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School bus drivers raise the alarm after a number of near misses involving careless drivers.

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This video shows how bus drivers should handle difficult parents.

How to deal and communicate with parents who are angry or irate is the central theme of this video. Emphasis is on listening skills, staying in control of “your” emotions, bringing in school team, offering alternatives to confrontation. Every driver can benefit from watching this video.... Go to to prview full length copies.

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Pre-Trip inspection demonstrated on a school bus. This is how you should perform your pre-trip inspection on the CDL road test. This would be after you perform the light check with the examiner.

This is based on chapter 11 of the CDL manual. We purposely did not go into excessive detail, as it would be disadvantageous to memorize unnecessary items.



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School Bus drivers learn the safety response process at an accident scene. The event was part of an ongoing training program to keep Leon County School drivers involved in bus safety.

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This school bus safety video is unlike any other you’ve ever seen!

School bus safety is important—and we’re not kidding around! For more safety tips, visit

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New Kid Snippets videos every MONDAY. If movies were written by our children... We asked kids for their best school bus safety tips. Let’s just say they gave us a lot to think about. (Who knew about the horse rule?!)

The safest way to and from school is on a school bus. In fact, riding a school bus is 13 times safer than riding in the family vehicle. That said, the most dangerous aspect of riding a school bus is safely getting on and off a bus, which is why it is so important for children to know school bus safety.

We hope this video will be used to start a dialogue with your kids about school bus safety. After watching the video, visit Thomas Built Buses at to access easy to understand school bus safety tips for even elementary students – the youngest of riders.

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Explore a School Bus with Handyman Hal. Learn all about School Buses in this episode for kids. Watch as Handyman Hal shows you everything about a school bus. In this educational video for kids, you will learn all about the amazing school bus. School bus safety for kids.


Check out all the fun Handyman Hal has on his show. We play and learn with tools for kids. Building toys and making things. Come explore the channel with the best handyman around, Handyman Hal! Learn new things all the time and watch the adventures we can go on. There are so many exciting things to explore and learn. We know kids love to watch how things work and watch things being built. Handyman Hal so has explored a fire station, dump truck and excavator, he has built toys with his tools, and even helped out a Kona ice truck. Along with tools and building Handyman Hal teaches kids counting and numbers, learn colors, new shapes and always exploring new things. It's Awesome!

The Awesome Song - written by Caylie Aswad - Produced by Rayaan Amiras

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Check out this school bus safety video for kids.

Stay seated on the bus!


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This is a school bus safety video specifically for elementary students.

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