New SchoolTube Sign-on Optiions

Our Preferred Method of Adding New Schools to SchoolTube

Beginning August 2020, SchoolTube now requires that schools be added to SchoolTube using one of our 8 supported single sign on methods. These include:

We prefer this method because these apps are more secure and offer immediate approval of teacher-moderator accounts.  For more information please review our Getting Started with SchoolTube SSO blog post. 

Each of these reqiure a few set up steps that your school or district IT Administrator should follow to enable a sync with SchoolTube. The instructions for each are hypelinked above. For Clever and Classlink, just request SchoolTube through those system dashboards and we will approve. 

Getting Started: If you are a teacher wanting to add your school to SchoolTube, first please make a request to your school/district IT Dept. to activate one of the above SSO connectors with SchoolTube. They typically will be 1) we are FREE and 2) multiple teachers at your school would benefit from SchoolTube. While this may delay the process in the short run, it is the best method of connection for all parties.

No Support?: If your school is not using one of the above apps or you have attempted to request that your school IT Dept. activate a SchoolTube SSO Connection, please use this form to request your school to be added to SchoolTube. Allow 1-week for new school additons. Add My School 

International Schools.  Effective September 1, 2020 schools based outside of the United States can be added to SchoolTube on a subscription basis.  The fee is US$2.00/student per year with a minimum of 250 students.  Credit card billing only.  To request an international school be added to SchoolTube, please complete this form:  Add International School