• Welcome to Book Club!

    Welcome to Book Club!

    For many high schoolers, assigned reading is a dreaded task. I use to struggle to complete the first few chapters let alone the whole book. That was until my 11th-grade English teacher helped me understand the art and beauty of literature. Advertisement Creating a Love for Literature for High School Students It all started with […] More


  • She Is Raising Such a Thoughtful Son

    She Is Raising Such a Thoughtful Son

    Watch this young footballer bring his mother a special gift.  (Via Loveee_Alexisss/tw) Advertisement SchoolTube Sports and Egaming videos feature a wide variety of students, teachers, and publishing professionals sharing their school related videos which may also include videos that attract national interest. Sport pertains to any form of competitive physical activity or game that aims to […] More

  • Chamblee High School Marching Band

    Chamblee High School Marching Band

    Watch this marching band from Chamblee High School.   Advertisement A school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together. A high school concert band is usually under the direction of one or more conductors (band directors). A school band consists of woodwind instruments, brass instruments and percussion instruments, although […] More

  • Frankenstein Video Study Guide | Complete Playlist

    Frankenstein Video Study Guide | Complete Playlist

    This playlist is all about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  It contains 32 free video study guides that provide analysis and summary for each chapter and a study of the context, characters, themes, and more. These videos will aid students in drawing inferences from the text, especially where the text is intentionally uncertain.  Students will be able […] More