5 Reasons Why Instructional Technology Trainers Should use SchoolTube

Instructional Technology Coaches are always on the lookout for the best solution for hosting instructional technology training videos.  Their mission is to train staff and faculty on how to use the various software programs and applications that are authorized in use at their district and schools. Recorded video demos are a key tool in their training arsenal. Sometimes those videos are provided by the application vendor and are often hosted on YouTube©, which can be an issue as noted below.  Regardless of whether the videos are self-made or provided by the vendor, organizing and sharing those videos is a key to successful instructional technology coaching and training. 

In this article, we explain the 5 reasons why SchoolTube is the best solution for creating, organizing, and sharing instructional technology training videos.

SchoolTube Is Unblocked on School Networks

Because of SchoolTube’s strict content moderator policy and processes, schools and districts trust SchoolTube and whitelist it, or unblock it, on their IT networks.  YouTube® conversely is often blocked or heavily restricted on school networks making it difficult to use as a training tool throughout the district -especially for student-facing applications 

Unlimited Public & Private Channels

SchoolTube users have the ability to create unlimited personal public channels and private channels, which can be branded with the school logo, colors, etc.  As such, an instructional technology coordinator can create channels and playlists to match their video sharing and training needs.  Private channels will allow only certain SchoolTube registered users to view content. Thus, a private channel could be created for hosting training videos, not meant for public viewing.

Safely Share YouTube® Videos

SchoolTube enables any public video on YouTube® to be played on SchoolTube, in doing so, all YouTube® ads, comments and suggested videos are removed. As such, if you already have videos hosted on YouTube, these can be incorporated into your SchoolTube account without the need to download and upload.

Screen & Audio Recording

The SchoolTube system includes a camera and screen capture feature that enables the user to record their computer screen and audio. As such, creating demo videos on various software applications can be done all in one process vs using two different applications.

Free Service

SchoolTube is a free service for K12 schools and districts, supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors. If you desire not to have ads associated with your training videos, our low-cost ad-free program is the solution.

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We encourage you to watch the SchoolTube Showcase and Feature Tour videos below to learn how K12 districts, schools, teachers, use SchoolTube to organize and share their important videos.