A Teacher's Guide To Getting Started on SchoolTube with Clever


This Teacher's Guide to Getting Started on SchoolTube using Clever is designed to answer your questions and help you maximize and enjoy SchoolTube when using Clever.  Let’s begin!

How do I create a SchoolTube account using Clever?

SchoolTube IconSince your school/district uses Clever, creating an account is easy.  Simply search for “SchoolTube” under “available resources” or in the Clever Library. Click on the SchoolTube icon and follow the steps. If your school is not using Clever SSO, open the SchoolTube login page (https://www.schooltube.com/user/login) select the Clever option, and follow the steps.  Watch this tutorial on Clever-SchoolTube sign up to learn more.

See How Other Teachers & Schools use SchoolTube

Watch the SchoolTube Showcase and Feature Overview videos in this playlist to learn how K12 districts, schools, and teachers use SchoolTube to create, organize and share important videos.

Is SchoolTube Free?

Yes, the basic version of SchoolTube is free, supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors. Display ads will appear around the video player and 1 video ad may play before each video, video ads are skippable after 5 seconds. Ad-free options are available. SchoolTube is free for K12 schools in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

What services are included in the free version?

With the exception of our Virtual Classroom service, all services below are included in the FREE version of SchoolTube, including:

  • Unlimited video uploads, hosting & sharing
  • Unlimited personalized channels & playlists
  • Automatic English captions and downloadable transcriptions
  • Shareable video links and embed code
  • YouTube© video linking (blocked if your network blocks YouTube)
  • Selfie & screen, webcam, and audio recording tools
  • Quiz creation app with analytics and score export
  • Video and channel analytics tools
  • Video thumbnail management
  • Channel administration tools: thumbnail management, members & contributor management, privacy settings

Where can I find training materials for SchoolTube? 

Below are the main training links for SchoolTube. You can also find these under the HELP menu on the SchoolTube website.  It is important to first read the Quick Start Guide and then watch as many of the User Tutorial Videos as you can.

Can my students create SchoolTube accounts?

Students do not need accounts to view their teacher’s videos, only if they need to upload videos or participate in an ad-free program.  Students would create accounts using the same Clever process outlined above. Students 13-years or older can create SchoolTube accounts. Students less than 13-years of age require parental or their school’s permission to create an account. Students have access to the same features above, but their videos can not be published without teacher/moderator approval.

What video recording tools are provided on SchoolTube?

SchoolTube offers several free and paid video creation tools as follows:

How can I remove ads?

SchoolTube offers an ad-free plan for both individual teachers and schools. The individual teacher plan is $39/year and school/district plans are $1.75/student/year with available volume, term, and bundling discounts. Refer to our Ad-Free Page to learn more.