How to Implement SchoolTube Single Sign-On Options

SchoolTube now offers FREE! single sign-on through Clever, Classlink, GG4L/School Passport, Google Classroom, Schoology, MS 365, and several popular LMS and ed-tech apps. SchoolTube’s SSO integrations allow school administrators to expand the use of SchoolTube to all staff, teachers, and students. By implementing one of SchoolTube's SSO options, you are literally just a couple clicks away from immediate and FREE access to SchoolTube and our suite of COPPA and ADA-compliant video creation, hosting, sharing, and distance learning applications.

Setting up an SSO connection is easy. Here are instructions for each application. 

SchoolTube SSO Connection Instructions

Clever & Classlink:

Simply request SchoolTube from the Clever or Classlink admin dashboard. Alternatively, email a request to and we will initiate the process from our Clever/Classlink admin portal. It may take 24 hours for the Clever and Classlink process to sync up. Users can then click on the SchoolTube icon within Clever or Classlink to sign on to SchoolTube.

GG4L/SchoolPassport: School Passport GG4L Logo

  • Beginning with the 2021-22 school year, SchoolTube will be automatically provisioned for all districts using the GG4L/SchoolPassport system.  Just click on the SchoolTube logo found under approved applications to log in! 

Google Classroom, Schoology, Microsoft 365, Canvas, Blackboard

  • SchoolTubes LMS integrations are managed by Edlink. We prefer to handle these with a quick 15-minute tech call.  Edlink will share links to enable to process. Book Tech Appointment with Edlink

Why set up SchoolTube with Single Sign-On? 

In addition to enabling wider, safer access to SchoolTube (COPPA-Compliant), setting up an SSO connection enables the deployment of SchoolTube Ad-Free service.  Under SchoolTube Ad-Free, ads are removed when a user is logged in and viewing, therefore all teachers, staff, and student viewers need SchoolTube accounts to remove ads and maximize the ad-free program. An SSO option, therefore, is the easiest path for teachers and especially students, to create their SchoolTube accounts.  Learn more about SchoolTube Ad-Free.

Need Assistance?

SchoolTube is happy to help with your SSO integration. Please complete the SSO Information Request Form, indicating your preferred SSO integration method and a SchoolTube representative will be in touch.