What is the best camera to use when making a K12 teaching video?

What is the best camera to use when making a K12 teaching video?

Answer:  The one you have.

We are often asked, what is the best camera to use when making a K12 teaching video? Our best answer is – the one you already have!  Especially in today’s world, teachers and administrators are equipped with powerful video cameras – embedded in their smartphones, laptops, notebooks, iPads, and desktop devices.  These cameras are ready and waiting for your use. You’ve probably seen the amazing TV commercials for the latest iPhone and Android-based devices with 3 lenses and lots of on-device editing apps. Even older models are well equipped for video editing. So instead of spending hours and hours researching, and thousands of dollars on new equipment, just start recording!

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What happens in front of the camera is far more important than what happens in the camera. Start with the camera you have and work on your presentation skills, your setting, your video teaching style, your production process, your lighting and audio, your editing skills, and your sharing process. You see, there is so much more to creating great teaching videos than the camera itself. As your skills develop, it will become self-evident that you may need a new camera solution, and perhaps, it not a new camera but a device to hold your camera like the systems offered at Padcaster. When you are ready to look at new cameras, check out the camera and product reviews at Videomaker

Cameraless Recording – Screen & Audio Capture

Chances are, you don’t even need a camera to make a K12 teaching video.  What you probably need is a screen and audio recording app, and in many cases, one may already be installed on your device or available through other free sources.  For example, let’s say you are a Social Studies teacher and you need to create a video recapping the next unit. Open PowerPoint and create a unit overview presentation. Spice it up with graphics and animations and when completed, use the Add Narration feature to add your voice overlay to the production – then simply save it as a video (MP4). Now you have a video to upload and share. Another great tool is the Express Capture and Screen & Audio Capture tools found within SchoolTube. These tools allow you to create videos of yourself or your device desktop without the need for external cameras. Plus, when your production is saved, it is saved right to your SchoolTube account – ready for safe K12 sharing! Other great screen capture apps include Screencast O’matic and ScreenCastify.

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How to Improve your Video Production Skills?

How do you learn better video production skills?  Watch lots of video tutorials on the process, like those video production tutorials offered by Videomaker and on SchoolTube University, and there are many more FREE video production tutorials that can be found with a quick Google search. As announced, SchoolTube subscriptions now include a free Videomaker Plus subscription, so be sure to make full use of it! You may have a fellow teacher that makes great videos – ask for a lesson. Watch videos by expert creators and pick up some of their styles and practices. Most importantly, tell a good story. Even a math problem can be enhanced by wrapping a good story around it!

In summary…don’t worry about the camera, focus on improving your video production skills and process and then focus on the camera when a better device will make the difference in making better videos.

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