Best Practices for Sharing and Archiving School Board Meeting Videos

Seeking best practices for sharing school board meeting videos? Check out SchoolTube!  School board meetings are public events and are often live-streamed and/or recorded to expand access to community members and stakeholders who physically can not attend the meeting. During Covid-19 times, the need to record and share board meetings is now greater than ever, and it must be done in a way that builds and reflects a positive image for the district and meets all regulations (ex ADA compliance) for sharing such videos. 

Considering the above, here are our best practices for using SchoolTube, a K12-focused video hosting platform, to host and share school board meeting videos. 

Large Recording Size – No File Size Limit on SchoolTube!

School board meetings can run for 2 hours or longer, which means the resulting video recording file size will be quite large. SchoolTube does not limit video size, so hosting large videos is not an issue on SchoolTube.  The upload process may take a little longer, and some uploaders choose to break larger videos down into smaller segments, however, this is not mandatory on SchoolTube. If you make it a practice of breaking your board meeting recordings into smaller segments, we suggest using the channel playlist function described below to share them under a single link.

Adding Closed Captions, Transcriptions, and Attachments

The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that any video shared by a school or a district must be closed captioned. SchoolTube supports ADA compliance by automatically applying English captions to all uploaded videos. The captioning process may take longer than the video upload, so we suggest waiting 24 hours to share a board meeting video once uploaded.  SchoolTube captions are completed using a computer speech-to-text process, which is 85-90% accurate. Once captions are available, they can be reviewed and edited directly through SchoolTube, plus the SchoolTube system will automatically convert the closed caption file into a transcription file, which can be downloaded by a viewer.  Lastly, it is also possible through SchoolTube to add attachments to a video, such as a presentation deck, PDF, or other documents that were presented at the board meeting. 

Sharing & Archiving Options: Channels and Playlists

SchoolTube supports multiple video sharing and archiving options for school board meetings. For example, the district could create a district-branded school board channel on SchoolTube where all meeting videos are hosted, archived, and categorized. The channel can be personalized with the district logo, colors, mission statement, etc.  Within this channel, the district could further main playlists of annual meetings (ex: 2019 Meeting Recordings, 2020 Meeting Recordings). Videos within the channel can be shared individually via their unique URL, or alternatively and more powerfully an entire playlist can be shared by its unique URL. SchoolTube also offers the ability to create private channels and playlists, which may come in handy for confidential videos used by the board or district.

Best Practice: Channel playlists are an effective way to share board meeting videos because:

  • Playlists do not share unrelated content – just the videos within the playlist
  • New videos can be added to a playlist without changing the playlist URL
  • Sharing one video from the playlist shares all

Sharing Options: Embedding Videos and Playlists

SchoolTube videos and channel playlists can be embedded into district website pages using the embed code associated with each. Embedding videos and playlists is a best practice because the viewer’s focus is solely on the content with immediate access to other district resources and communications. In this way, viewers are kept on the district website in a controlled environment. The embedding of channel playlists is particularly powerful because once the playlist is embedded, additional videos do not need to be individually loaded to the district website – just added to the channel playlist. The embedding process is super easy, basically a cut-and-paste process that any web manager with basic skills can accomplish.  SchoolTube also provides a tutorial on how to embed videos

Ad-Free Bonus:  Videos that are shared through the embed process are shared without ads from SchoolTube. This is a complimentary feature.


There are many more benefits to sharing school board meeting recordings on SchoolTube, such as the fact that we solely focus on K12 and there are a host of associated features and tools to make video sharing easy and efficient, such as thumbnail editing, the ability to add attachments, private video and channel options, and more. The most important aspect that we want to convey, for all the above reasons, is that when school board meeting videos are shared through SchoolTube it helps build and maintain a positive image for the district. 

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