Spanish and Ethnic Language Captioning for K12 Videos 

SchoolTube now offers Spanish and other ethnic language captioning for K12 videos. On SchoolTube, English captions and downloadable transcriptions are already provided free of charge. English captions are generated by a speech-to-text process are automatically added to each video shortly after it has been uploaded. The SchoolTube system also includes a caption editor for making corrections if needed. Spanish and other ethnic language captions can now be ordered from SchoolTube and will automatically appear on the video within 24-48 hours after order and payment completion.   Below is an overview of the why and how of video captioning and instructions for ordering. 

Captions Are Required by Law:

Districts and schools, both public and private, are required by Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to include English captions on all videos shared online. SchoolTube captions are in compliance with the ADA because our process meets the conditions required in Section 508 as outlined below.  In addition, SchoolTube captions can be directly edited by the user to make corrections or adjustments as needed.*  High school students watching laptop

  • Accessible – immediately available to those that need assistance.
  • Equivalent – equal to the spoken portion of a video
  • Synchronized – display on the screen in sequence with the spoken words

Why Add Ethnic Captions?

Ethnic captions are not explicitly addressed in the ADA, so it is up to each education organization to decide if they want to offer Spanish and other ethnic language captions on their videos. SchoolTube believes districts and schools that serve significant ethnic communities should caption their public-facing videos in those languages. For parents of students who do not speak English, or for those that need visual assistance, ethnic captions are of tremendous benefit. In short, if your district or school community serves a significant ethnic population, adding ethnic captions in that language(s) is the right thing to do. 

How to Add Ethnic Captions Using SchoolTube

SchoolTube now supports ethnic captioning in the languages shown below. Our process is a combination of machine and human translation, where a human agent reviews each caption file to ensure its accuracy.* Each language has an associated translation cost which is applied to the total length of the video, rounded up to the fullest minute. There is a minimum $25 fee associated with each caption translation job. Multiple videos can be bundled under a single job. Payment is required in advance prior to captioning.  Once the payment is made and the order is processed, SchoolTube staff will add the ethnic captions to the requested videos. You sit back, we do the work!

Order Ethnic Captions

To request ethnic captions, first, create a SchoolTube account if you don’t already have one. Then upload your video and save it. Then open and complete the Ethnic Caption Request Form. In this form, you will insert the video URL and provide your contact information. SchoolTube staff will reply with confirmation and a quote for the captioning based on the pricing table above and the video’s length. To expedite the process and for recurring needs, SchoolTube offers the ability to pre-pay for captioning minutes in 100-minute increments.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please use the Caption Request Form to initiate assistance.

*Due to recoding quality, accents, and other issues, 100% accuracy is not guaranteed, however captioning accuracy under normal conditions is over 90%. Clients should use the SchoolTube captioning editor to review their captions and make final adjustments as needed.