Video Channel Resources for K12 Tech Departments

K12 technology departments are increasingly making videos for training, communications, policy notices, staff onboarding, etc. Software/application training videos are of special note because the instructional technology department is often called on to train staff on these applications and video training is an ideal solution.  As such, many K12 tech departments are now seeking better ways to host and share their K12 technology videos.  A robust video channel for K12 tech departments is the solution, and SchoolTube is that solution.  

Why Use SchoolTube? 

SchoolTube is a K12-focused video hosting platform where K12 tech administrators have turnkey access to create, host, organize and share their videos. SchoolTube offers all the creation, sharing, and organizing tools, all wrapped in a safe, secure easy-to-use FREE* platform. Here are some of the top reasons and features, that make SchoolTube the perfect video hosting solution for K12 tech departments.

K12 Focus. SchoolTube only works with K12 schools, so everything we do is with an eye to improving the lives of K12 teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community members. Because of our user approval process, our content is likewise K12 focused allowing SchoolTube to be whitelisted on K12 networks – no issues with your videos getting restricted due to YouTube blocking.  

Single Sign-On Access. SchoolTube offers through popular K12 applications including Clever, G-Suite, Schoology, Canvas, Classlink, MS 356, and the Global Grid for Learning. Through these apps, your teacher, staff, and students can create SchoolTube accounts using their existing school credentials. SSO also sets the stage for offering ad-free video viewing options

Video Creation & Organization Tools.  SchoolTube offers a deep set of video creation and organization tools. A built-in screen, audio, and video recording app that makes creating software training videos a snap – complete with screen annotation tools and whiteboards. When it comes to organizing videos, users can create unlimited personalized channels and playlists. For example, under the β€œDistrict Tech Dept Channel,” there could be a playlist on how to use PowerSchool. That playlist could consist of video tutorials that break down the training into digestible modules.  The district tech channel could contain multiple playlists, each on specific software or topics.  SchoolTube playlists are shareable via their URL and embeddable into web pages. Playlists are very powerful and perfect for sharing K12 instructional technology training videos. 

Public &  Private Viewing.  SchoolTube offers the ability to create public and private channels.  Under public, anyone can watch the hosted videos, while under private only users who have been added as members or contributors can watch those videos. Learn more by reading our public and private viewing blog.

English, Spanish and Ethnic Captioning.  Every video uploaded to SchoolTube is International Flags with title: Ethnic Captioning for K12 Videosautomatically captioned in English, along with a robust editor for making corrections if necessary. Spanish and 12 other ethnic languages are supported under a turnkey ordering process, including Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, Polish and more. Read our Spanish and Ethnic Language Captioning blog post

Quiz/Data Input & Attachments Tools.  SchoolTube has a built-in quiz creation app that would allow a tech training video to include a quiz, poll, hot spot, or text overlay.  This could also be used to ensure that a viewer watches the whole video by asking questions along the way or requiring a data input at the end (ex. Employee ID).  In addition, attachments can be added to videos, creating a downloadable accompaniment to any video production. Perhaps it’s a form or user quick-reference guide. 

Channel Contributors & Managers.  Within the SchoolTube video channel framework, users can assign members, contributors, and managers to their channel. As such, the district tech department can create one or more channels and have multiple staff contributing videos to that channel. 

Robust Analytics.  Lastly, it’s always nice to know if how often your videos are watched and by whom. Through the SchoolTube analytics package, channel owners can drill down to look at viewership statistics at the channel level and the individual video level. For example, the tech training could assign videos to be watched as part of professional development and then review which staff actually watched videos.

*Getting Started. Creating your SchoolTube K12 technology department channel is easy. SchoolTube can be implemented FREE, supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors, or under a subscription-based model which removes ads and provides other premium services.  If you want to go the SSO route, or if you have questions or would like a live demo before moving forward, please contact us, to discuss the process.  If you want to create a direct account, by creating a unique username and password, just follow the steps on this page. Creating a FREE SchoolTube account.

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