Hosting & Archiving District PR Videos

ADA-Complaint Video Hosting for K12 District PR & Communication Departments.


Video Channels & Hosting for K12 PR Departments

K12 district public relations and communications departments have stringent needs when it comes to video hosting and sharing. District PR departments produce important videos from sources and on subjects such as below. Districts are expected to be responsive and in full ADA compliance, and if possible, share their videos in a safe, ad-free environment.

  • School Board Meetings
  • Superintendents
  • Health Department
  • Covid-19 Response
  • District Marketing
  • Covid-19 Response
  • Emergency Response & Preparedness
  • District Announcements
  • Training & HR Matters

The Perfect PR Video Channel Solution!

SchoolTube now offers ad-free, K12 PR video channels that meet and exceed this stringent video creation, hosting, and sharing need. Offering ADA-compliant video management features, a SchoolTube channel is the perfect resource to host and manage your districtโ€™s or schoolโ€™s important videos. Plus, each channel includes Live Room, for hosting online meetings, webinars and conferences.

English & Ethnic Language Captioning

Captioning is easy with SchoolTube. English captions are automatically added using a machine captioning process, which can be directly edited to increase accuracy.

SchoolTube also offers a turnkey process for ordering and adding Spanish and other ethnic language captions.


Robust Features!

Everything for Managing Videos

  • Unlimited Video Uploads
  • Unlimited AD-FREE Sharing & Viewing
  • Unlimited Brandable Channels & Playlists
  • Automated English Captions & Transcripts
  • Ethnic Captions & Transcripts (fee-based*)
  • YouTube Video Linking
  • Video & Channel Viewership Analytics & Reporting

Live Room

Host & Record Online Meetings

  • Password protectable URL join code
  • Desktop and File Sharing
  • Recording & Publication
  • 250 Attendees Per Session
  • Webinar vs Meeting-Style Options
  • Breakout Rooms, Whiteboards, Annotation Tools
  • Q&A, Chat, Participant Management

More Great Features

We Make You Look Good!

  • Camera, Screen & Audio Recording Tools
  • Embed Code & URL Sharing Options
  • Public & Private Viewing Options
  • Channel Collaboration: Managers, Members, Contributors
  • Video Thumbnail Management
  • Downloadable Attachments

Getting Started with SchoolTube is Affordable & Easy!

Your districtโ€™s PR video channel literally can be minutes away. The annual subscription for a single PR user account is $500/year for district enrolments under 5000 students. For larger enrolments, please request pricing using the form below. Service can be initiated immediately with PO#-based invoicing or credit card payment.