How to resolve "no account found" or "email does not exist" error message upon login.

SchoolTube has implemented several new login integrations with applications such as Google Classroom, Clever, Schoology, Classlink, Canvas, etc. Unfortunately, this has caused some confusion with existing users who erroneously select one of these new options, vs using their existing SchoolTube username and password.  

If you are seeing a message such as "email does not exist" or "account not found" it is likely due to selecting one of these new options versus selecting Sign-on with Existing SchoolTube User ID. The fix is to clear your browser cache and history and then login again using the correct option.

To resolve, please follow these steps. (Watch tutorial video)

Step 1: Clear your browser cache (cookies and browsing history)

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Check the box at the bottom is checked to “Remember My Selection”

Step 4:  Use the top option:  Sign-On with Existing SchoolTube User ID. That will take you to the normal sign on screen where you can enter your user ID and password.  Do not use the other options if you have existing username and password.

Creating a New Account.  

If you don't have an existing username and password, follow the same steps as above and then on the second screen, select Sign Up.  There you will be asked to select your school and complete other information. 

See below:

Consolidated Sign Up