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Nearly 80% of teachers share videos with their students. District and school departments create and share videos with teachers, staff, parents, and stakeholders. Use SchoolTube to create, organize and share videos from the K12 classroom to the school boardroom. 

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Setting Up SchoolTube for a School or District

The best way to deploy SchoolTube is through one of our  8 single sign-on-supported apps.  In this way, all teachers and students have easier access to SchoolTube’s videos and features plus there are administration efficiencies and economies of scale to be gained. Not all teachers and departments may use SchoolTube, but those who make heavy use of video will find SchoolTube to be a "game-changer" for their video sharing needs.

Take a Free Tour

As a first step, we suggest allowing a SchoolTube representative to provide a full system demo.

If you don't have time, check out our 5-minute video tour and review these sample district, school, and teacher channels. 

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Explore our video management features

SchoolTube is packed with easy-to-use features that make creating and organizing videos a snap.

  • Unlimited video uploads
  • Personalized channels and playlists
  • YouTube(r) video linking - see below.
  • Screen, camera, and audio recording apps
  • Video editing and management tools
  • Video quiz creation app
  • Viewership analytics dashboard

Safer YouTube Video Sharing

  • Link and play Youtube(r) videos from SchoolTube.
  • Removes YouTube suggested videos and comments.
  • Organize and share YouTube videos in SchoolTube channels and playlists - just like a directly uploaded video.
  • Subject to blocking if school network blocks YouTube on student devices. Compatible with LightSpeed and iBoss custom filtering which allows full utility.

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Review SSO Options

SchoolTube supports several single sign-on apps including Google Classroom, Clever, Schoology, Classlink, Canvas, Microsoft, Edmodo, and Blackboard. If none of those are supported, users can directly create accounts on SchoolTube.

Chose Your Viewing Option

Most school leaders, if deploying SchoolTube centrally opt for ad-free viewing, which removes all display and video ads when their registered viewers are logged in and viewing. The SSO options above make creating accounts for users and staying logged in a snap.

  • FREE: Supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors.
  • AD-FREE: Subscription plan based on an affordable fee per student, per year basis. Bundling and other discounts are available. As a distance learning solution, SchoolTube qualifies for K12 Covid-19 relief funding. (See Pricing Page)

Supported Single Sign-On Apps

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Join us for a no-cost, 15-30 min demo of our system and learn how K12 Schools, Departments, Teachers, and Students can benefit from SchoolTube's extensive video management tools.

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