SchoolTube for Students

Students across the world enjoy the use of SchoolTube to watch lesson videos shared by their teachers, schools, and other education content creators. 


Student Use Policy

Creating a SchoolTube account is always free for students, but the following conditions apply.

  • As part of COPPA/FERPA compliance, students under 13 need the permission of their parents or their schools to create an account.
  • Prior to creating an account, students should check with their teacher or school to ask if there is a recommended or supported sign-on method for SchoolTube. If none, use the process below to create a student account.
  • Students can upload videos but their videos will remain private unless approved (moderated) by a teacher at their school. 

Create a Student Username and Password

  • If your school does not support one of the available single sign-on apps, students can create accounts by directly creating a UserID and Password. 
  • Registration Page:  Go to the SchoolTube Login Page, enter the full school name, city, and state. When it appears, select it. Complete the required information for Student registration. 
  • If your school is not found, you can request your school the be added to SchoolTube using this form*: Ask a teacher or administrator to complete the form. Add My School.

Create Free Account

Once your account is created, please refer to our Quick Start Guide and User Tutorial Videos to learn how to use SchoolTube.


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