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Teachers enjoy using the SchoolTube to create, organize, and share teaching videos as well as search for and share professionally created teaching videos from our extensive library.   

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Create Your Free SchoolTube Account

Creating a SchoolTube account is always free for teachers and the following steps and information will help you get started.

Create a Username & Password

Use this option if your school has not implemented one of our single sign-on apps.

Click the button below, enter your school name until it appears, then complete the requested steps. You will receive an email requesting you to create a password to complete the process and log in.

  • Moderator Approval: Once your account is created, SchoolTube will verify a teacher’s K12 employment. Verified K12 teachers will be notified of their approved moderator status within 24 hours of account activation.
  • School Not Found? If your school is not found and it is in the USA, UK, Canda Australia, or New Zealand, teachers can request their school to be added to SchoolTube for free* using this form: Add My School.
  • User Training: Once your account is created, please refer to our Quick Start Guide and User Tutorial Videos to learn how to use SchoolTube.
  • Fixing Login Errors: If you are receiving an β€œemail address not found” message, refer to the following guide to Reset Login Options.

Create FREE teacher account

Creating User Accounts with Single Sign-On (SSO)

SchoolTube supports multiple no-cost SSO options including Clever, Google Classroom, SchoolPassport/GG4L, Schoology,  Microsoft, and Canvas.  These must first be enabled by your school or district IT Administrator. Please ask your IT Administrator to review the available SSO options and their documentation by visiting the SchoolTube Single Sign-On Page.

*Schools in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom can be added to SchoolTube at no charge. Initiation fees apply to schools from all other countries.

Ad-Free on SchoolTube

Establishing Ad-Free Viewing on an Individual Teacher Account

SchoolTube offers ad-free viewing on individual teacher accounts, as well as school-wide and district-wide plans.

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