Uploading Videos/Media (for Teachers/Moderators)

Watch the tutorial or see the Q&As below:

Q: How do I upload a video?

A: Click Add New > Select Media Upload > Click Choose file to upload > Select the file > You can then name the video, add a description and tags > Click Save. Keep in mind that it will save privately to your media page unless you save again and publish it to a channel. 

Q: Why do I have to save my videos twice?

A: The first time you save a video, it saves to your media page, which is a private setting. Then you have to select the school(s) and channel(s) you want to publish it to and save again.

Q: Where should I publish my video to? 

A: After uploading your video, you must select locations where you want your video(s) to be published or they will only be avaialbable in your “My Media” section (that only you can access). If you want others to be able to view your video select the following:

  1. Your School(s): Select your school or schools (the one without (“private”) next to it) – It is rare that students log in to SchoolTube but if you want to force students to login to schooltube before they can view your video then select your school with “(private)” next to it. 
  2. Your channel(s) – Select any and all channels of your channels that you feel your video is a good fit for

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