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Looking for a fun way to get around? Check out Moving Machines For Kids! Our Ferry Boat is the perfect way to take kids and their families on a fun journey around the water. This moving machines video will have them entertained for hours on end.

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In this Blippi boats for children video, Blippi floats on the water. This fun educational video for toddlers is a fun way for your child to learn about boats. This Blippi video has the Blippi boat song. If your child loves boats and other machines for kids then this Bl

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The Boat Song by Blippi is a fun animated Nursery Rhyme for kids. Boats for kids provided by Blippi and educational videos for toddlers and Songs for kids. This sing along boat song with Blippi will teach children about boats for kids. Visit https//

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Hey girls and boys. Reggie Roo here.
What is a SUPER big ship? That is like a floating hotel?
It's a cruise ship!
Cruise ships a very big.
This one... is more than 20 houses long!
People take holidays on cruise ships, to relax and see the beautiful ocean.
"All aboard!"
The passengers begin to board the cruise ship.
There are lots of decks. With lots of activities
And from up high you can see everything below.
That's a loud horn.
It's fun to watch the big blue cruise ship set sail.
Look how small the speed looks beside it.
The big blue cruise ship steams out to sea.
After a long day another white cruise ship arrives at port.
It slowly moves in. And the workers move quickly to secure the ropes.
Can you see how tall it is?
This cruise ship has 18 decks.
High up above, some passengers are taking photos.
Would you like to go on a cruise ship?
You could see lots of pretty things!
Hoo Roo


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Have you ever seen a massive boat sailing across the sea and wonder... how does it stay afloat? Then come along with Curious George and let’s find out!

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Welcome back to my channel! In this video we will learn about different types of boats and ships. Thanks for watching! #typesofboats #typesofships #kidskntry #kidslearningvideos #kidsvideosforkidscartoons #kidsvideosforkidstamil #

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Looking for ways to keep your child entertained? Check out our latest video on toys for boys - kids love diggers, tractors, ships, boats, huge cranes, cargo ships, Containers, trucks, cars, and more types of different vehicles in different sizes shapes and colors.

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In this video, we will be taking a look at different types of Ships and Boats and their names in English! Join me as we venture to the seas, oceans, canals, and rivers of the world as we explore over forty new English words relating to this fascinating topic. Make

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I love being a dad! Spending some quality time with my son Maurice (morris) - today we break out the Aquacraft FiRE RESCUE 17 Boat! Maurice has been eyeballing this boat all winter.. and is finally old enough to give it a try. This

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You can find just about everything in the global ocean! Giant squids, predaceous whales, deciduous sea dragons... But not only nature may surprise you. People conquered the water area and built huge ships. If the only big ship you know is the Titanic, just have a

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Hey little ones! Let's learn about boats today! Did you hear about the dragon boat? Do you know how to surf on a surf board? Let's learn more about the water transportation today! Have fun and enjoy!

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If you think it's as simple as "ships carry boats," you need to watch this video, because it's not what you think. Music: Acid Ways - Martin Klem Last Move - White Bones Solving It -

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