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⁣Carlsbad High School LIVE Broadcasts are a great way to stay connected with the school and its activities. The broadcasts feature live streaming of school events, such as sports games, concerts, and other activities. The broadcasts are available on the school's website and can be viewed on any device with an internet connection. The broadcasts are also available on the school's YouTube channel, allowing viewers to watch the events from anywhere in the world. The broadcasts are a great way to stay informed and connected with the school and its activities.

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Tune in LIVE for the red carpet premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 the night of April 27th at 5:15PM PT / 8:15PM ET! Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and turn notifications on so you can tune in the moment we go live!

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Welcome to the Opening Weekend of #OWL2023 Season! Catch all the action from 4/27-4/30!

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Stream 24/7 from America's Weather Center. Stay up-to-date on local & national weather updates with America's Weather team. Watch the live stream to discover the latest weather conditions in your area with FOX.

FOX Weather is closely tracking today's weather threat with live coverage and forecasting. #weatherchannel #weatherchannellive #weatherchannellivestream #tornado #severeweather #texas #florida

Severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes are expected over much of north-central Texas on Wednesday afternoon and evening, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with more severe weather possible across the Florida Peninsula.

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Live plane spotting with Kevin at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) from high atop the H Hotel with EXCLUSIVE VIEWS! Join us for a day of plane spotting on April 27th, 2023.

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We have one overarching rule: act kindly. There’s enough mayhem elsewhere in the world, and Airline Videos Live streams are meant for people all around the world to gather and enjoy together. We would prefer the use of English, just for common understanding. Mods have been given the discretion to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. If you engage in repeating yourself constantly, using all-caps or all-emojis, trolling, spamming, or just plain-old being rude, you can plan on being shown the door.

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LIVE at Los Angeles International Airport | LAX Plane Spotting

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Live views of the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk in Hollywood, Florida. The historic Broadwalk is a 2.5 mile promenade lined with shops, restaurants and oceanfront hotels that runs along the beach in Hollywood, Florida. You can see live views of the FlowRider at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort and people biking, jogging, dining and strolling along the Broadwalk.

DISCLAIMER: The beach webcam streaming and images are solely for informative and entertainment purposes, and should not be used for any surveillance or any other lawful or unlawful purpose. The City has no control over and does not assume responsibility for, any content or information shown on the webcam. By viewing footage from the webcam, you acknowledge and agree that you are viewing the webcam at your own risk and that the City is not responsible for any content shown on the webcam. Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that the City shall not be liable for any claims resulting from your access to, use of, or inability to access or use the webcams or any conduct or content of any third party on the webcam.

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This live feed is owned and operated by Friends of Big Bear Valley, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Any public use of the live video, including screen captures, requires prior approval and credit to the organization: . Thank you for your consideration!

ℹThe nest is located in Big Bear Valley in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. It is about 145 feet up in a Jeffrey Pine tree. The nest is the current home for Jackie and Shadow, a local bald eagle pair.
ℹWhat's happening at the nest: Unfortunately, Jackie and Shadow's eggs were scavenged by ravens on 3/7. It appears that the eggs were undeveloped. There is still hope for a second clutch, it is a wait and see.

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❓How do you tell Jackie and Shadow apart? Jackie is larger than Shadow. Jackie’s beak is both longer and thicker from top to bottom than Shadow’s.
❓How old are the eagles? Jackie is 11, Shadow is 9.
❓How can the eagles handle the cold temperatures, snow and rain? Bald Eagles are well equipped to handle harsh weather conditions. They have down feathers against their skin that can hold in the heat their bodies generate. On top of the down, they have approximately 7000 waterproof feathers that can keep the wet and cold out and also helps keep the heat inside.
❓Where do the eagles sleep at night and does the light bother them? During nesting season, Jackie the female sleeps in the nest, Shadow sleeps perched in a tree nearby in case he is needed. The light at the nest is an infrared light, this light cannot be seen by the eagles or humans. It is only picked up by the camera, which enables us to view the nest at night. In the off season, both eagles sleep perched in trees within their territory.

🗨Chat Guidelines
Thank you for taking an interest in our Big Bear Bald Eagle family. We hope you enjoy your viewing and chat experience. Please remember to always follow the chat guidelines below. This is a view into the everyday life of wild bald eagles and the nature that surrounds them.

🗨Chat hours: 08:00 - 11:00 and 17:00 - 20:00 cam time, Monday - Saturday.
When chat is Closed Live Commentary mode is engaged: only approved users (i.e. Moderators) may comment.

1. The main topic is the Big Bear Eagle family and the surrounding ecosystem. Please do your best to stay on topic.
2. Be kind, polite and respectful. No profanity, personal attacks, or harassment.
3. Be respectful to eagles*, nature and all animals. The exact location of the nest, local landmarks, and camera placement are not disclosed to protect the eagles.
4. This is a public chat. The following content is considered inappropriate: politics, religion, sexual content, adult substances, sports & TV shows, personal info (locations, health issues etc.). We care about your safety.
5. Please be mindful about posting “Roll Calls”: soliciting responses from all chatters (eg. where is everyone from?). Roll calls result in numerous responses and can fill the chat queue quickly.
6. No spam or solicitation. Please do not overuse caps and emojis (the limit is 4), do not repeat comments.
7. Avoid drama. Please refrain from creating panic in chat based on rumors or speculations. We all have a responsibility to keep the chat information factual**.
8. For the benefit of all, please type in English. We are a global community, and a single language helps us to understand each other. If needed, please use Google translate:
9. When an inappropriate comment is posted, please do not engage; let the moderator handle the situation.
10. Respect the chat moderators and their decisions. If you have questions or concerns, please email to fobbvchat (at)
11. Please make sure that your avatar and nickname adhere to the above guidelines before posting.

*Bald Eagles are protected by the Federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Lacey Act and by the California Endangered Species Act.
**If you suspect a *possible* fishing line or other man-made objects on the nest, please provide an exact timestamp (hh🇲🇲ss) & make it clear that you are reporting a *possibility*. While we respect everyone’s opinions & welcome questions in chat, it is important not to present questions, opinions & speculations as a *fact*. Please refrain from “piling up” reinforcing opinions.

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Live views from the International Space Station (ISS) are streaming from an external camera mounted on the ISS module called Node 2. Node 2 is located on the forward part of the ISS.

The camera is looking forward at an angle so that the International Docking Adapter 2, or IDA2, is visible. If the Node 2 camera is not available due to operational considerations for a longer period of time, a continuous loop of recorded HD Earth Views imagery will be displayed. The loop will have “Previously Recorded” on the image to distinguish it from the livestream from the Node 2 camera.

The space station orbits Earth about 250 miles (425 kilometers) above the surface. An international partnership of five space agencies from 15 countries operates the station, and it has been continuously occupied since November 2000. It's a microgravity laboratory where science, research, and human innovation make way for new technologies and research breakthroughs not possible on Earth. More:

Did you know you can spot the station without a telescope? It looks like a fast-moving star, but you have to know when to look up. Sign up for text messages or email alerts to let you know when (and where) to spot the station and wave to the crew:

Credit: NASA

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