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6figure healthcare careers no one talks about

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Let's talk about high paying healthcare careers no one really talks about. Most people are only familiar with clinical jobs, like doctors and nursing. These healthcare administration jobs are high income careers that can earn you 6 figures WITHOUT AN M.D - Which one sounds most interesting to you?

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So many people are pushed into become doctors because people think it Is one of the best medical careers and it is a High Paying Healthcare Careers. BUT, you should never become a doctor for the money it is alot of work and very stressful. Healthcare administration jobs and healthcare management jobs are great med school alternatives as they are high income careers that can allow you to have a positive impact.

Here are TWO 6 Figure Healthcare Careers NO ONE Talks About:

1) Healthcare Consulting.This is part of healthcare's fast growing careers. You start earning 6 figures by your early to mid 20s, you get paid to travel, solve problems, and have a true impact in healthcare. Most people get hired straight out of underground, which is why this is one of the best healthcare jobs with a bachelor's degree. In my biased opinion healthcare consulting is among the best medical careers and med school alternatives.

You NEED to be passionate about the healthcare industry and have basic consulting skills, which include critical thinking, data analytics, presentation skills, and solid communication. These are soft skills which can be transferred over from any job, so you don't need prior consultant experience although that is a plus.

2) Medical Sales Reps: This is another high income career, however it is more competitive. It is a sales job, which means you get a base salary + commission. You will work closely with key decision makers and you need to be a skilled salesperson. Most companies require 1 year of sales experience, which makes it harder to get this job straight out of undergrad. However if you get sales jobs and internships while you're still in school and show a desire to learn about healthcare products you can be a very good candidate.

If you want to be in a High Paying Healthcare Careers that doesn't require an MD, have people person, sales, and quick thinking skills, then Medical Sales are healthcare jobs with a bachelor's degree that may be for for you.

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