Could NASA start the zombie apocalypse? Let's find out!

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ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! We're just as fascinated as the rest of you with predicting how the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE will start. One surprisingly real scenario is that it could start in SPACE! Especially given the crazy effects space has on bacteria and viruses, and hte difficulty of sterilization. World War Z, The Walking Dead, Zombieland, Dead Space, 28 Days Later, Plants vs. Zombies, Dawn of the Dead and more all imagine a future in which the zombie apocalypse originates on earth. But in this weeks episode of Space Time, Gabe makes us look up at the sky and wonder if SPACE actually poses the biggest threat!

Extra Credit:
The Epidemiology and Statistical Mechanics of Zombies



Diarmuid Balfe

Remy Porter


David Shi


Funky Dinosaur - Patternbased (
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Schlisty - Patternbased (
Heisse Luft - Thompson and Kuhl (
Pterodactyl Fight - Patternbased (
alice y bob - javier rubio and parsec
Tropico de Tauro - Sr. Aye

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