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Fun with Fractions & Decimals: Rock 'N Learn

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Fun music, colorful animation, and lots of humor get students excited to learn about fractions and decimals. Catchy songs and rhymes help students of all ages learn new terms and remember the rules about congruent parts, equivalent fractions, proper and improper fractions, mixed numerals, decimals, and more. Great for beginners, clearly illustrated examples ensure that even difficult concepts are easy to grasp. Delayed answers give learners plenty of time to test their new skills. The comical characters Frances Fraction, Dennis Denominator, and Newman Numerator explore how fractions and decimals are used in real-world applications.

00:00 Introduction to Fractions and Decimals
00:49 Parts of a Fraction
04:05 Practice Naming Fractions
09:43 Equivalent Fractions
14:15 Proper and Improper Fractions
16:48 Mixed Numerals
17:58 Learn About Decimals
23:44 Convert Fractions Into Decimals
27:11 Add and Subtract Fractions

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