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Learn French for Kids – Useful Phrases for Beginners

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In this exciting adventure, kids learn French phrases for everyday activities and tasks. Learn to be polite by saying "you’re welcome" and "thank you" when you speak French. Covers getting ready for bed, brushing your teeth, washing your hands, taking a bath, getting a drink, dancing, and more. Click the chapters below to jump to a specific section.
More French for Kids videos available on YouTube –
Learn French for Kids - Numbers, Colors & More:

Learn French for Kids - Food, Activities & Animals:

Learn French for Kids – Body Parts, Family & Feelings:

These videos are also excellent for teaching English to kids who speak French. Great for bilingual education, ESL, and ELL.

Colorful animation, real images, and adorable characters create an engaging experience that’s clear and easy to follow for students new to French.

~ Chapters ~

00:00 Rock 'N Learn Title Screen
00:05 Good Morning!
02:09 What do you want to drink?
08:44 Dance Party
12:15 Where is it?
20:42 Getting Ready for Bed

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