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MinuteEarth Patreon Announcement + Tshirts

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Please support MinuteEarth on Patreon: http://patreon.com/minuteearth
Also, we have Tshirts and signed posters! http://dftba.com/MinuteEarth

Give, through Patreon
Job security for us.
MinuteEarth for you.

Created by Henry Reich
Production and Writing Team: Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, Omkar Bhagat, and Henry Reich
Music by Nathaniel Schroeder: http://www.soundcloud.com/drschroeder

Free iTunes podcasts of MinuteEarth! - https://goo.gl/sfwS6n
Facebook - http://facebook.com/minuteearth
Twitter - http://twitter.com/MinuteEarth

MinuteEarth provides an energetic and entertaining view of trends in earth's environment -- in just a few minutes!

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