PLAY | 5 VALENTINES: Kids Can actually Make Something Positive!

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Ideas for 5 valentines that kids can make in bulk for the entire class... so that mom doesn't have to! Subscribe to WUM for new vids M-W-Th-F!

Watercolor Valentines
• Watercolor
• Stock paper
• Paintbrushes
• Empty toilet paper roll
• Acrylic paint
1. Have kids paint on one piece of paper with watercolors.
2. Take empty toilet paper roll, and fold so it’s heart-shaped. Use as a stamp and dip into acrylic paint, and place on paper.
3. Once it dries, cut sheet of paper into little cards.
4. For an extra treat, you can tape a lollipop inside if you wish.

Playdough Hearts
• Plastic bags
• Playdough
• Heart-shaped cookie cutter
• Stickers
1. Can use store-bought playdough or homemade playdough (See: Perfect Homemade Play Dough:
2. Have kids roll out the playdough.
3. Use cookie cutter to cut hearts out.
4. Place in plastic baggies, and decorate bag with stickers.

Personalized Photo Card
• Large cardboard
• Camera
• Stickers
• Construction paper
• Markers
1. Have kids decorate a Valentine’s message on a sign with stickers, paper, and markers.
2. Once finished, have a small photo shoot with child holding the sign.
3. Print multiple copies of picture and tape onto construction paper cut into cards.

Melted Crayon Hearts
• Crayons
• Muffin tin or silicone mold
1. Remove labels from crayons, and break them into smaller pieces.
2. Add crayons to muffin tin or silicone mold.
3. Bake them for 10 minutes at 250, or however long it takes them to melt.
4. Let them cool, and pop out of mold.

Bubble Kits
• Bubble solution
• Colored paper straws
• Plastic containers
• Pipe cleaner
1. Pour bubble solution into small plastic container.
2. To make wand, bend pipe cleaner into heart shape, and stick in a colored straw.
3. Tape wand to the side, and it makes the perfect Valentine.

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