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Science City Kolkata: Learn More About Science Experiments at School!

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School Students To Know Inside Science City Kolkata | Science Experiments
In This video, we are going to see inside science city Kolkata. This video is dedicated to all those students who want to know about science. These science experiments are mind-blowing. We cover the best of the best science experiments inside science city Kolkata. School students need to know about those experiments. You can make your school science projects with these science experiments.
This video is specially made for our science army. You must visit the Science city Kolkata. You can do 1000 pulse science experiments. I am just showing some of them. Thank You So Much...

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00:03 Floating Ball
00:27 Grand Shuttle
00:50 Pumping Cycle
01:51 Walking Piano
02:05 Wave Motion
02:22 Jumping Disc
02:42 Rising ARC
03:01 Liquide Painting
03:29 Spinning Chain
WARNING:-This video is intended for scientific and entertaining purposes only. Any actions in this video shall not be a call to repeat them! Do not try to do this at home, The author shall not be held liable for any of your actions performed.
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