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Let’s go!

This is our home we’ve got every generation

So full of music, a rhythm of its own design

This is my family, a perfect constellation

So many stars and everybody gets to shine

Whoa! But let’s be clear, Abuela runs this show

Whoa! She led us here so many years ago

Whoa! And every year, our family blessings grow

There’s just a lot you simply got to know, so

Welcome to the family Madrigal

The home of the family Madrigal

(We’re on our way)

Where all the people are fantastical and magical

I’m part of the family Madrigal

My tía Pepa, her mood affects the weather

When she’s unhappy, well, the temperature gets weird

My tío Bruno (we don’t talk about Bruno!)

They say he saw the future, one day he disappeared

Oh! And that’s my mom Julieta, here’s her deal

Whoa! The truth is she can heal you with a meal

Whoa! Her recipes are remedies for real

If you’re impressed, imagine how I feel


Welcome to the family Madrigal

The home of the family Madrigal (hey, coming through!)

I know it sounds a bit fantastical and magical

But I’m part of the family Madrigal

Two guys fell in love with family Madrigal

And now they’re part of the family Madrigal

So, yeah, Tío Félix married Pepa

And my dad married Julieta

That’s how Abuela became an abuela Madrigal (let’s go, let’s go)

We swear to always help those around us

And earn the miracle that somehow found us

The town keeps growing, the world keeps turning

But work and dedication will keep the miracle burning

And each new generation must keep the miracle burning

So many kids in our house

So, let’s turn the sound up

You know why? I think it’s time for a grandkid round-up

(Grandkid round-up)

Cousin Dolores can hear a pin drop

Camilo shape shifts, Antonio gets his gift today

My older sisters, Isabela and Luisa

One strong, one graceful

Perfect in every way

grows a flower and the town goes wild

(Isabela) she’s a perfect golden child

(Luisa) and Luisa’s super strong

The beauty and the brawn do no wrong

That’s life in the family Madrigal (whoa)

Now you know the family Madrigal (whoa)

Where all the people are fantastical and magical (whoa)

That’s who we are in the family Madrigal, adiós! (Ooh!)

Well, I gotta go, the life of a Madrigal (whoa)

But now you all know the family Madrigal (whoa)

I never meant this to get autobiographical (whoa)

So just to review the family Madrigal

Let’s go! (But what about Mirabel?)

It starts with Abuela, and then Tía Pepa, she handles the weather

(But what about Mirabel?)

My mom, Julieta, can make you feel better with just one arepa

(But what about Mirabel?)

My dad Agustín, well, he’s accident-prone

But he means well (but what about Mirabel?)

Hey, you said you want to know what everyone does

I got sisters and cousins and (Mirabel)

My primo Camilo won’t stop until he makes you smile today (Mirabel)

My cousin Dolores can hear this whole chorus a mile away (Mirabel)

Look, it’s Mr. Mariano, hey, you can marry my sister if you wanna (Mirabel)

Between you and me, she’s kind of a prima donna

Yo, I’ve said too much and thank you but I really gotta go (Mirabel)

My family’s amazing (Mirabel)

And I’m in my family, so (Mirabel)


Below we’ve highlighted some of the amazing music from Encanto. This music, while not overtly educational in nature, does serve a valuable purpose in many classrooms. English Language Learners (ELL) or English as a Second Language (ESL) students are an important part of our schools. Many ELLs have a Spanish background, though it is important to not make that assumption.

This music can be culturally significant as it bridges the Spanish and English languages. Because the movie takes place in Columbia, we see many references to that culture as well as many Spanish words and phrases being incorporated into the music of this movie. This movie and its music support diversity and inclusion in the classroom for students with a Latino background.

I’d like to point out that some of your students may not be ELL, but may still connect to this movie from a cultural perspective. I had a tutor-student, whose parents are close friends. They were both first-generation immigrants as young children. They could speak Spanish fluently, as they grew up with it as their first language, however, they spoke only English at home. My student was not an ELL, in fact, she knew very little Spanish. Her grandparents’ and parents’ culture, however, was still very much her culture. I can’t imagine how happy it would have made her have this music and movie around when she was younger and the joy it would have brought her to see her teacher and classmates enjoy it as well.

Lastly, I believe this music and the movie have their place in Spanish class. It is a great way to learn about this culture while learning the language. It can also help motivate students to want to take Spanish in the future. I know if I heard this music playing in the Spanish class next door, I’d be signing up as soon as possible. But, as I said, I’m a big fan of this movie. Lyrics are posted below the videos.

Music video by Stephanie Beatriz, Olga Merediz, Encanto - Cast performing The Family Madrigal (From "Encanto"). © 2021 Walt Disney Records

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