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Valentines Freeze Dance 🧡 The Floor is Lava 🧡 Just Dance Brain Break for Kids for Kids!

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It's Freeze Dance for kids but the floor is LAVA 🔥 Just Dance along with Bluey, Mario, Pokemon, Minions and more... and be ready to get off the floor when it turns to lava. **See below for great ways to play without getting off the floor (gym/group options as well as a great way to play the second mini game: Catch a Pokemon)**
➡️ Check out our new Freeze Dance game! This one is perfect for Valentines Parties. Watch out for mini-games where you have jump, duck, and dodge your way through Sweetheart Road. Can you beat all the challenges?

You have to be careful because in between dancing sessions you’ll have to get off the floor so you don't fall into the lava. In addition, you’ll be tasked with beating a few challenges on the way!
➡️ Our games are designed to be appealing to children of all ages, they get kids dancing and having fun. Before they know it, they spent half an hour exercising! They are perfect games to play at home.

In this Valentines Brain Break for kids, just dance along with the video. Freeze and get off the floor when you see the lava.

Hope you enjoy this Valentines Brain Break inspired by GoNoodle!

** Gym/Group Options **
1 - Pick a player to be "it." When the floor is Lava, everybody has to match their pose
2 - Challenge players to find the most difficult balance they can do and see if they can hold it the whole time without falling.

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This is perfect for classroom brain breaks, movement breaks, PE warm ups, and living room family fitness... for kids of all ages: Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, all the way up to adults.

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⏰ Chapters:
🔥 0:00 Just dance and watch out for LAVA
🔥 1:39 Mini-Game 1: Survive Sweetheart Road
🔥 4:17 Mini-Game 2: Water Ski & Pop the balloons

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The floor is lava inspired by the netflix show, kiboomers, jack hartmann, and more!
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