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Waiting On A Miracle - Stephanie Beatriz

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Don’t be upset or mad at all

Don’t feel regret or sad at all

Hey, I’m still a part of the family, Madrigal

And I’m fine, I am totally fine

I will stand on the side as you shine

I’m not fine, I’m not fine

I can’t move the mountains

I can’t make the flowers bloom

I can’t take another night up in my room

Waiting on a miracle

I can’t heal what’s broken

Can’t control the morning rain or a hurricane

Can’t keep down the unspoken invisible pain

Always waiting on a miracle, a miracle

Always walking alone

Always wanting for more

Like I’m still at that door longing to shine

Like all of you shine

All I need is a change

All I need is a chance

All I know is I can’t stay on the side

Open your eyes, open your eyes, open your eyes

I would move the mountains

Make new trees and flowers grow

Someone please just let me know, where do I go?

I am waiting on a miracle, a miracle

I would heal what’s broken

Show this family something new

Who I am inside, so what can I do?

I’m sick of waiting on a miracle, so here I go

I am ready

Come on, I’m ready

I’ve been patient, and steadfast, and steady

Bless me now as you blessed us all those years ago

When you gave us a miracle

Am I too late for a miracle?

Below we’ve highlighted some of the amazing music from Encanto. This music, while not overtly educational in nature, does serve a valuable purpose in many classrooms. English Language Learners (ELL) or English as a Second Language (ESL) students are an important part of our schools. Many ELLs have a Spanish background, though it is important to not make that assumption.

This music can be culturally significant as it bridges the Spanish and English languages. Because the movie takes place in Columbia, we see many references to that culture as well as many Spanish words and phrases being incorporated into the music of this movie. This movie and its music support diversity and inclusion in the classroom for students with a Latino background.

I’d like to point out that some of your students may not be ELL, but may still connect to this movie from a cultural perspective. I had a tutor-student, whose parents are close friends. They were both first-generation immigrants as young children. They could speak Spanish fluently, as they grew up with it as their first language, however, they spoke only English at home. My student was not an ELL, in fact, she knew very little Spanish. Her grandparents’ and parents’ culture, however, was still very much her culture. I can’t imagine how happy it would have made her have this music and movie around when she was younger and the joy it would have brought her to see her teacher and classmates enjoy it as well.

Lastly, I believe this music and the movie have their place in Spanish class. It is a great way to learn about this culture while learning the language. It can also help motivate students to want to take Spanish in the future. I know if I heard this music playing in the Spanish class next door, I’d be signing up as soon as possible. But, as I said, I’m a big fan of this movie. Lyrics are posted below the videos.

Music video by Stephanie Beatriz performing Waiting On A Miracle (From "Encanto"). © 2021 Walt Disney Records


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